emergency accommodation and this week's Word of Warning

So, from the heady whirl of emergency accommodation preparations (so far I've been a doorstop, traffic warden shield, booze shopper and general factotum, such glamour), here is this week's rapid WordofWarning!

Big tips for the week coming: on Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th are Third Angel's What I heard about the world at Leeds Met Studio and the Zion 100 Finale - Pleasant Sunday Afternoon Society strangely enough, on Sunday (9th). Also, well worth a trip down to Axis Arts Centre in Crewe for New Art Club's Big Bang of Boom.

Back to doing something terribly important and promoter-ly - like buying paper plates and water - or tweeting unfortunate images of the beknighted tech team wheeling unfeasibly large objects down the street!

One last plug for emergency accommodation - 30 pieces of live work across two buildings and the street inbetween, topped off with a secret finale hosted by Doodlebug - tomorrow, Saturday 1 October, BLANKSPACE & IABF, Hulme St, Manchester,(M1/M15) 12-9pm FREE. Somebody described BLANKSPACE as a 'maze of performance' yesterday, which is pretty much what it is!

We have much of the greenroom team re-united to pull off this first legacy project - the missing, vital piece is the greenroom audience, so please come and join us.