warnmcr: no exploding balloons this month, but expect an explosion of the taste variety!

Word of Warning
...the Sampler Series has landed and with it a full-on taste explosion. 
Gin...check; Satsumas...check; Chips...not yet, you wouldn't want them to get cold!

So tonight Friday 16 March at Zion Arts Centre,  sees the first Sampler Series and, with it, my showday burst of adrenalin and nerves!   Tonight's double-bill of award-winning Levantes Dance Theatre's Gin & Satsumas and The Mustdashios' Chips. promises a fusion of beautiful images, downright silly dance moves, a spot of UV and the odd mirrorball.  Added to that, we've dispensed with the spontaneously exploding balloons and gone a bit Heston Blumenthal with the interval refreshments.  Given that they involve jelly, it's all beginning to sound a bit kids' party... but don't be fooled, they come with a drink-drive warning..!

Next week the dance theme carries on at Zion
with Boundaries: art of spectra [Peter Svenzon]on Thurs 22 and, across the border is the Juncture Festival of experimental practice, curated by Charlotte Vincent at Yorkshire Dance in Leeds (Thurs 22 - Sun 25).

In fact, next week seems to be 'live on the M62' week - as West Yorkshire is a real focus for activity with: Chris Goode's The Adventures of Wound Man and Shirley at the LBT,Huddersfield on Tues 20 and at the Carriageworks on Thurs 22Paper Birds' Thirsty also at the Carriageworks, (Tues 20 - Weds 21) and Wendy Houstoun's 50 Acts at Leeds Met at Northern Ballet on Thurs 22.

Right, back to the gin & chips... hope to see you tonight!