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So finally we seem to be having a rather frosty Indian summer, which makes it my favourite time of year. Make the most of it as next week it's time to retreat to dark windowless rooms, as Autumn season kicks off with a vengeance. Take a deep breath and gird your loins - not just for the impending Emergency but for a lot more...

This weekend there's the Vital Signs Festival, including Mary Pearson's FoMO, mofos! (tonight Fri 28 Sep) at the University of Salford (28-30 Sep) and Unlimited Theatre + RashDash's Future Bodies at HOME (until 13 Oct). Tmesis Theatre's Beyond Belief is at the Unity, Liverpool (28 Sep - 6 Oct).

Next week (w/c 1 Oct) while parts Mancunian are a bit slow off the mark, elsewhere, there's Furnace Festival (1-6 Oct) at the newly renamed Leeds Playhouse including Selina Thompson's Salt on Tue 2 + Wed 3 Oct. Also on Tue 2 Oct, Andy Smith's Summit is at Axis Arts Centre, Crewe; and Michael Clark Company's to a simple rock'n'roll song is at Storyhouse Chester.  On Thu 4 Oct Jackie Hagan's This is not a safe space is at Bradford Theatre in the Mill; while, closer to home Ellie Dubois's No Show is at The Lowry on Fri 5 Oct (also at Leeds Carriageworks on Mon 8 Oct). In Leeds, Sun 7 Oct is a bumper day in Slung Low's HUB with How To Party
and We are Ian's In Bed With My Brother.

Not that I'm at all biased, but the only place to be on Sat 6 Oct is at Z-arts with Word of Warning for Emergency 2018. Against all sense of reason, I've crammed a totally unfeasible 30 performances into it, so it promises to be every bit a frenetic as ever.

The following week (w/c 8 Oct), in parts Mancunian, Wed 10 Oct is really when things get going in earnest - and thereafter you can see a show a night! Not content with 30 shows, Word of Warning has another two -  on Wed 10 Oct at The Lowry: a one-off, Brexit-inspired pairing of Instant Dissidence's One Last Dance accompanied by Leentje Van de Cruys's Belgian Waffling.  
Darren Pritchard's Rent Party is also at the Klondyke in Levenshulme (10-13 Oct)Heiner Goebbels Everything that happened and would happen is at Mayfield Depot (10-21 Oct); and Clod Ensemble's Placebo is at The Lowry (11-13 Oct).

Elsewhere remains busy.  Bradford Theatre in the Mill has its own unique leg of Instant Dissidence's One Last Dance on Mon 8 Oct and Marlborough Theatre's New Queers on the Blockon Wed 10 Oct.  Rebecca Atkinson-Lord's The Class Project is at the LBT on Tue 9 Oct;and Xavier Velastin + Hannah Mook's Me and My Whale is at Stage@Leeds on Wed 10 Oct.
The Arts Centre at Edgehill University has Karavan Ensemble's Pupik on Tue 9 Oct, Tmesis Theatre's Beyond Belief on Fri 12 Oct and A little bird told me's When did you stop dancing? on Sat 13 Oct.  Mary Pearson's FoMO, mofos! is at the Capstone, Liverpool on Wed 10 Oct; and Eve Recacha's Aftermath is at Axis, Crewe on Thu 11 Oct.

I did say, take a deep breath, because that's really quite a lot! I now need another sharp inhalation before diving headlong into technical meetings... 15 down, 15 to go...  For something a little more calming, and to reassure me that it's all worthwhile, have a look at the Emergencyimage gallery! 


ps. Also look out for Becoming Storybook's performances at Chapter 1 books dotted through October and November. 

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Performance Programme Autumn/Winter 2018
Please note all events are Pay What You Decide

Sat 6 Oct, 12noon-10pm. PWYD | Z-arts
Emergency 2018
A day out for the curious, with:
Aidan Strudwick | Alexandrina Hemsley | Alicia Jane Turner | Avital Raz | BOXD Theatre | Camilla Canocchi | Chanje Kunda | Dead Good Theatre | Demelza Toy Toy | Emma Geraghty | Frances Kay | idontloveyouanymore | Katt Perry | Lise Boucon | Luca Federici | Magda Tuka + Opeaen | Mark Croasdale | Megan Rudden | Miss Englatina | Niya (a.k.a. Yani B) | Natalie Wardle | Paper People Theatre | Penelope Harrall | Peter Jacobs | Proud & Loud Arts | Rachel Gomme | Rosie Gibbens | Tom Cassani | Tom Halls | Two Blue Ticks.

Wed 10 Oct, 8pm. PWYD | The Lowry
One Last Dance — An Chéad Damhsa
Instant Dissidence, with guest Leentje Van de Cruys

Wed 21 Nov, 7pm. PWYD | The Lowry
The Comforter
Stacy Makishi