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There's no pretending now: it's proper Autumn - we have the first rumours of snow, the clocks are going back and Halloween is looming. It's also a bit of shocker on the performance front - especially if you're willing to travel...

This weekend Orbit Festival (23 Oct - 3 Nov) continues at HOME, including Toussaint To Move's Windows of Displacement on Fri 26 + Sat 27 Oct.  Contact also has Nima Séne's Beige B*tch at STUN on Fri 26 + Sat 27 Oct; the Royal Exchange Theatre continues with Chris Thorpe's The Mysteries (25 Oct - 11 Nov) and Glen Neath + David Rosenberg's Séance (until 31 Oct).
Also tonight, Fri 26 Nov, Lancaster Arts has Marisa Carnesky's Dr Carnesky's Incredible Bleeding Woman, while tomorrow, Sat 27 Nov, B-groups' Point of Echoes is at the Arts Centre at Edgehill University.

Next week (w/c 29 Oct) Orbit Festival includes Milk Presents Bullish (29-31 Oct) and Figs in Wigs' Often Onstage on Fri 2 + Sat 3 Nov. Julie Cunningham's To Be Me is at The Lowry on Thu 1 Nov; while LaPelle's Factory's The Black Cat is at Waterside, Sale on Thu 1 Nov - following its Halloween appearance at the Carriageworks in Leeds.
Still looking east, Fuel Theatre's Tonight We Fly Festival lands in Leeds (30 Oct- 3 Nov) including Andy Smith (both Summit + The Preston Bill) plus Uninvited Guests and the Lock Her Up installation with work by Rachel Mars + Paula Varjack. 
Further west, Liz Agiss's Slap and Tickle is at Liverpool Hope University (as part of LEAP 2018) on Fri 2 Nov; while Andy Smith's Summit is at The Arts Centre at Edgehill University on Thu 1 Nov and Derelict Live in Preston on Sat 3 Nov. 

The following week (w/c Mon 5 Nov) Mancunia seems generally a bit quiet but check out Matrafisc Dance at Salford University; and Manchester Jewish Museums' Festival of Leaving (5-18 Nov), this week including Ellie Harrison and Nick Cassenbaum.
Proto-type Theater are in Crewe, while on Merseyside there's a festival frenzy with:
LEAP 2018 (2 -12 Nov) including Gaby AgisJo FongLaila Diallo + Liz RocheLiz LeaAndrea Buckley / taciturn / Claricia Kruithof,Uchenna Dance and Rosie Kay Dance;
DaDaFest International (5 Nov - 8 Dec) - this week including Proud & Loud Arts at Tate Liverpool and Stopgap Dance (in Chester);
homotopia (2 Nov - 1 Dec) - this week including Dietrich: Natural Duty and Rent Party.
Tbh I'm finding it a bit overwhelming... for me it helps to look at it in list form - try agenda-view in the WoW google calendar!

Meanwhile, on the home front - a bit of Word of Warning news: tickets for the very marvellous Stacy Makishi's The Comforter on Wed 21 Nov at The Lowry can be booked from later today.  It's a 7pm show and if you book for it (PWYD), you can use a code to get a £10 ticket for Tourette's Hero Not I immediately after...

Over the next 10 days, the hard core livearterati will be making the biennial trek to the far reaches of the east for SPILL Festival in Ipswich (25 Oct - 4 Nov) - it's a very, very long way away, so that's my excuse if normal service is disrupted next week!


  • Also look out for Becoming Storybook's performances at Chapter 1 books dotted through October and November.
  • You might want to take a look at this link from Live Art Development Agency: Maayan Amir from Exterritory's presentation of Image Blockade, a film depicting a scientific experiment with Israeli veterans from an elite army intelligence unit.
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Performance Programme Autumn/Winter 2018
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Wed 21 Nov, 7pm. PWYD | The Lowry
The Comforter

Stacy Makishi