warnmcr: festival flurry...

So I'm back, a bit sooner than intended as I've just spotted a couple of festivals that have snuck in... in fact over the next couple of weeks small festivals abound!

This weekend Contact Young Company + Young Identity's New Masters#New Futures is at Manchester Art Gallery (until Sun 16 Jun); the mysterious HorsLits happens in Levenshulme tonight Fri 14 Jun; and Ockham's Razor's This Time is at The Lowry (until Sat 15 Jun). Horizons Festival is at HOME: and Welcome to the UK on Sat 15; and Cohere on Sun 16 look intriguing.
In Liverpool Physical Fest 2019 has Rowena Gander's Ten Inch Heels tonight Fri 14 Jun and Gandini Juggling Project's Smashed on Sat 15 Jun, both at the Unity Theatre.

Next week (w/c 17 Jun) Horizons continues with Sir Pe Talwa on Mon 17 and Declaration on Tue 17,  then there's Nassim Soleimanpou's Nassim (18-20 Jun), all at HOME. Hannah Buckley + Crystal Zillwood's double bill is at The Lowry on Wed 19 Jun); Fracture Patterns at NIAMOS looks interesting on Thu 20 Jun; and Powder Keg's This Is Where It Happened is at Didsbury Arts Festival on Sat 22+ Sun 23 Jun. Further afield, First Person is at the Arts Centre at Edgehill University (20+21 Jun).
Co:LAB Festival is at the Royal Exchange Theatre 21-23 Jun. 3 days of emerging work, including Ali Wilson with Amy Lawrence on Fri 21 Jun + YESYESNONO on Sat 22 Jun. NB to see the full programme listings open the Event Information tab on their Festival page.

The following week (w/c 24 Jun) sees Incoming Festival at HOME (24-30 Jun). I know nothing beyond the copy, from which I'm kind of surmising that it's largely in territory more theatrical but with 14 shows over 7 nights, there's plenty to pick from. MALAPROP Theatre and The Pappy Show piqued my interest.
Elsewhere, at The Lowry, Mohamed Toukabri's The Upside Down Man looks intriguing.

That festival flurry is just warm-up for the big ones to come as the following week sees the start of MIF (4-21 Jul) - which in turn is training for the usual Caledonian behemoth thereafter! 


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