warnmcr: final gasp of May...

On this last day of May, this week I can't pretend to be an actual News service - no resignations unfolding before my eyes - nor have I come across an awful lot of performance news to break, so I'll keep it brief...

This weekend Hush Hushis at The Lowry tonight, Fri 31 May and/or you can do a workshop with Igor + Moreno inside the Arboria Luminarium on Salford Quays. 
Next week (w/c  3 Jun) HOME has This Egg's Dressed(4-8 Jun) and the LBT, Huddersfield has Paul O'Donnell's We've Got Each Other on Fri 7 Jun.
The following week (w/c 10 Jun) broadening the artform outlook a touch sees Contact Young Company + Young Identity at Manchester Art Gallery (12-16 Jun) and Ockham's Razor at The Lowry (13-15 June).
In Liverpool, Physical Fest 2019 (10-15 Jun) gets underway including Rowena GanderIzumi AshizawaMeraki Collective and Gandini Juggling Project.
The week after that (w/c 17 Jun) there's Nassim Soleimanpour at HOME (18-20 Jun), Hannah Buckley + Crystal Zillwood at The Lowry (Wed 19 Jun); First Person at the Arts Centre at Edgehill University (20+21 Jun); and Powder Keg at Didsbury Arts Festival on 22+23 Jun.

Since there does seem to be a bit of a lull, unless something unmissable crops up, I might give your inboxes a rest for a couple of weeks - but will be back later in June with a look at Incoming Festival and MIF.


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