warnmcr: first shoots of spring performance...

Word of Warning
...just to keep you going!

With Summer 2012 seemingly over (it was the last week of March for anyone who missed it!) and my jaunt to parts Nordic behind me - the first shoots of performance are poking throught the chocolate-covered blanket of Easter, so we thought we'd wake you up with a brief interim Word of Warning.

A reminder that registrations for
Proto-type Theater's Fortnight close on Thurs 12 April so don't forget to sign-up for this two week interactive theatrical intervention into the daily lives of Manchester participants running 16-29 April.

If you're looking for day-trip on Sat 14 April, Drunken Chorus's Chris Williams has been working with a group of young people to make a piece about Morecambe - Bright Lights and Golden Sands

And of course, advance notice that the next Word of Warning, Sampler Series event takes place on Fri 20 April at Zion Arts Centre with Tom Marshman's Legs 11 and GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN's External. We're still toying with what this month's half-time extra entertainment might be... so answers on a postcard!

Things do pick up in earnest the following week (especially book a slot for the limited capacity Oh F**k Moment at The Lowry Studio) so WoW will be back to its regular schedule from Friday 13th (how auspicious)



Standing reminders:
Word of Warning Spring/Summer Performance Collection listing
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