warnmcr: Gin, Satsumas and Chips... a fully balanced diet!

Word of Warning
...gearing up for the Sampler Series!

Thanks to Brian Lobel, Stacy Makishi, all at Contact and everyone who came along to a genuinely special pair of shows... I'm not prone to gross hyperbole - but if you missed them you did miss out!  After a manic week of shows in the far-flung reaches of the region and featuring the varied delights of peach-eating, newspaper-reading, chair-leg sawing and turn+cough exams, the next week is a bit more static - though
I will be heading to The Lowry Studio on Tues 13 March for Mandy Romero's Stevenage

That said, for us at Word of Warning, the week is completely taken over by the start of Sampler Series, on Friday 16 March at Zion Arts Centre and a doublebill of Levantes Dance Theatre's Gin & Satsumas and The Mustdashios' Chips.  I'll spare you the excesses of press-friendly copy - but my favourite recent adjectives have included juicily delicious and lewd, lary and lascivious..!

Further afield, on Wednesday 14th, UCLAN's Media Factory in Preston continues its new season with Pigeon Theatre's The Twice Removed.  On Thursday 15 March, Leeds Mets Studio & Gallery Theatre has Gary McNair's Crunch and in Liverpool, the Bluecoat sees the monthly If Only residency. 

I've also been asked to give a special mention to
V-Day Liverpool 2012, - a benefit production, starting on Sun 11 March, of The V*gina Monologues, raising funds for Migrant Artists Mutual Aid and featuring a host of local live artists like Lena Simic, Jennifer Verson, Caz Black, Abi Horsfield, Niamh Malone, Anne Green, Sarah Han. (*sorry- spam filters!)

Hoping to see lots of people at Zion on Friday 16th  -
be warned, we may be experimenting with gin flavoured foodstuffs...