warnmcr: Greatly Depleting Personal Resources...

... or losing the will to live. Yes, welcome to GDPR day everybody - hopefully the day when the desperate pleas to stay on mailing lists you never joined finally stop; and email gets back to being the spammed-out-semi-useful tool it was before they started 'protecting our data'! 

Back in the real world, things are calming down for the Bank Holiday/half term/summer. This weekend Week 53 Festival continues at The Lowry, including Fat Roland's Seven Inch tonight Fri 25 May; Madhouse's Re-exit ongoing til Sat 26 May and Fuse's Dökk on Sun 27 May. Barrel Organ's Anyone Guess How We Got Here is at Theatre Delicatessen, Sheffield on Fri 25 May; and the Pink Suits + Sam Kennedy double bill is at Live Art Bistro, Leeds on Sat 26 May.

Next week (w/c 28 May) Contact presents Sophie Willan's Branded at The Lowry on Thu 31 May and the Performing Gender event is at Yorkshire Dance, Leeds on Fri 1 Jun.

The following week (w/c 4 Jun) Rachel Mars is at the Royal Exchange; a new artist-led event entitled Drift is at Great Northern Warehouse; and North & South at Bradford Theatre in the Mill.  Since it's such slim-pickings I'll just take the opportunity to let you know that tickets are now available (PWYD) for Deborah Person's History History History at The Lowry on Wed 13 Jun.

I'm off to empty my inbox! 



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