warnmcr: is it really time for more Word of Warning events? aagghh?!

Word of Warning
...here we go again...

It may only be two weeks since the launch of Word of Warning, but terrifyingly we're off again... Next week sees our first co-promotion with Contact: Brian Lobel's Ball and Other Funny Stories About Cancer (Weds 7 and Thurs 8 March)  and Stacy Makishi's The Making Of Bull: The True Story (Thurs 8 March).  See both on Thursday for the bargain price of £12/8 via 0161 274 0600.  We then hurtle straight into our next event at Zion Arts Centre on Fri 16 March - with the start of Sampler Series, a regular double or even treble-bill of work you won't see anywhere else in the region.  Kicking off with an irreverent and playful take on dance, we see the return of Levantes Dance Theatre's Gin & Satsumas and The Mustdashios' Chips

Before all that, Sat 3 March sees Bryony Kimmings's 7 Day Drunk at Contact and Larkin' About at Manchester Histories Festival at the Town Hall on Sat 3 March.  Weds 8th also sees the first Platform Zero at Zion Arts Centre - an exploration of watching and learning to give critical feedback to emerging dance work.

Liverpool's Unity has Uninvited Guests' Make Better Please tonight Fri 2 and tomorrow,  Sat 3 March.

Live at LICA, Lancaster continues with 
Fevered Sleep's A Forest on Sat 3 and Mandy Romero's Stevenage  on Tues 6 March.  Carriageworks, Leeds has Skeleton Project's LOLZ on Tues 6 March

Axis Arts Centre, Crewe is busy with Leen Dewilde's String Section running 6-23 March, Francesca Millican-Slater, Me, Myself and Irene on Tues 6 and a double bill of Probe's Small Talk and Fenton/Van de Cruys's Feedback on Thurs 8 March. 

And as a final heads-up - Proto-type Theater's Fortnight, a two week interactive experience, is coming to Manchester between 16-29 April - sign-up to participate at the link above!

Meanwhile, I'm hitting the road for Liverpool (tonight), Contact (tomorrow), Crewe (Monday) and Leeds (Tuesday), before installing myself in Contact for Brian and Stacy's shows and workshops on (Weds/Thurs)... so hoping to see some of you along the way - or back at Zion on 16 March!