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As the spectacular Stacy brings Word of Warning's Autumn/Winter 2018 to a close, we can feel the icy grip of tinsel closing in around us. So, before everything succumbs to the 'festive' season...

Today, Fri 23 Nov, Proud & Loud's Cells - A Body of Work is at The Whitworth (til Sun 25 Nov). To see the most, I'd suggest getting there this afternoon - here's a teaser of new piece Assessment! Also tonight, Fri 23 Nov, on Merseyside, Tourette's Hero's Not I is at the Bluecoat, and Cheryl Martin's Alaska is at Open Eye Gallery.

The focus this weekend shifts east to Leeds for Compass Festival (till Sun 25 Nov) including Jack Tan's Four Legs GoodFrench Mottershead's Waterborne (act fast to book the last couple of tickets); Bethany Wells's WarmthScottee's Would Like To MeetAlisa Oleva + Debbie Kent's The Demolition Project and more.  Tomorrow, Sat 24 Nov, seems to be when most things converge - I found page 2 of the brochure really helpful.

Next week, (w/c 26 Nov) we find ourselves on the cusp of December, but there is still a bit of work out there over the next fortnight - so catch it while you can: The Lowry has Aakash Odedra's #Je Suis on Mon 26 Nov; and Gandini Juggling Project's Sigma on Tue 27 Nov; while STUN has Rinkoo Barpaga's Made In India/Britain on Wed 28 Nov and Waterside, Sale has Nathaniel Hall's First Time (29 Nov-1 Dec - only Sat matinee + Party available). 
Elsewhere,  DaDaFest continues with The Depressed Artists' Support Bureau at The Bluecoat, Liverpool on Mon 26 Nov; Split Britches' Retro(per)spective is at Live Art Bistro, Leeds on Thu 29 Nov; and Irregular Arts's Consent is at Theatre in the Mill, Bradford on Fri 30 Nov.

The following week (w/c 3 Dec) Manchester seems to have entered panto-world, but elsewhere Sue MacLaine's Vessel is at the Arts Centre at Edgehill University on Mon 3 Dec; Lancaster Arts has Maya Chowdhry's What's Eating Our Reality on Tue 4 + Wed 5 Dec and Gandini Juggling Project's Sigma on Sat 8 Dec; and Live Art Bistro, Leeds has a Queer Migrant Takeover also on Sat 8 Dec.

If anyone has anything (non-festive) between now and mid January that they think should get a mention, please let me know by Wed 28 Nov as the next Weekly Warning will be the last one of the year.



  • You might want to take a look at this link from Live Art Development Agency: Maayan Amir from Exterritory's presentation of Image Blockade, a film depicting a scientific experiment with Israeli veterans from an elite army intelligence unit.
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