warnmcr: throwing shade...after the gremlins

Maybe not so much shade as impish shadows with Word of Warning's latest hazardous outing...  If you happen to be around the St Ann's Square to Exchange Square area of Manchester next Saturday (4 Aug, 12-4) you might just see your shadow misbehaving as Chrissy Jones's Shadow Girl takes to to the city streets...

August, of course, marks the usual mass 'treacle migration north, but if you're staying in parts Mancunian you might want to check out Ockham's Razor's Switch + Tipping Point (15-19 Aug).

And so to the elephant in the festival tent.. Edinburgh (3-27 Aug). The International Festival(with the likes of Phillippe Saire, Wayne McGregor, Akram Khan et al) aside, for me, the week commencing 13 Aug and the two Forest Fringe 'pass the torch' events remain the focal point. Live Art Bistro's All These Things takes over ZOO venues on Wed 15 Aug with an all nighter including Ben Mills, Katy Baird, Sh!tTheatre and Toni Lewis amongst many others (full schedule tba 3 Aug). DICE Festival is also on at Summerhall (16-18 Aug) including Sh!t Theatre and Hannah Maxwell as Dice Masters, plus Louise Orwin, Malik Nashad Sharpe, Josh Coates and Neurosis Cabaret (keep checking their facebook page for programme updates).
As ever, Summerhall remains the general nexus of all things - including the regular sprinkling of Belgians, Finns and Canadians that always intrigue. Chris Thorpe's StatusTwo Destination Language,  Katy DyeLaJohnJosephPeople ShowFlight and Zanetti Productions piqued my interest, plus there's another chance to catch work from familar friends like Making Room and Tin Can People.

Elsewhere Vincent Gambini is at Underbelly Bristo Square; Paul O'Donnell is at Pleasance Dome; Victoria Firth is at Pleasance Courtyard  and The Lincoln Company + Michael Pinchbeck are at Zoo Southside.

Trawling the listings, actually a lot of what caught my attention was that there seemed to be quite a lot of (what could be interesting but I'm not au fait enought to know) dance work at DanceBaseand at Zoo Southside.

If you want to dig a bit deeper, once again I've uploaded WoW's long list (sorted by artist name) below.  Please be aware that this is very much my pick, largely from paper - so don't hold it against me! Please forgive things I've missed and note I don't focus on internationals as they're beyond WoW's programming paygrade! Final tips - please check dates carefully as you don't want to fall prey to random days off - and my main tip is to log-in to EdFringe, and use the favourites facility (you can then export them as a handy spreadsheet and sort it as you please - it's the only thing that keeps me halfway sane!)  All that said I've not fully planned my strategy – it could well be an exhausting there and back for Live Art Bistro's overnight odyssey! 

The Weekly Warning will be on a longer (I hope) break now until the world wakes up again - on current evidence probably mid-September. Don't forget that the call for proposals for Emergency is open til 15 Aug.

Meanwhile I'm going back to risk assessing shadows... have a good summer and please look out for Shadow Girl!

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Sat 4 Aug, afternoon | Manchester City Centre