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Word of Warning

As ever, thanks to Tom Marshman, GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN and Chris Fitzsimmons for another enjoyable Sampler Series evening last week - hope the bingo winners enjoyed their prizes!

Final reminder that West Yorkshire Playhouse's Transform 12 festival is reaching its final weekend, I'd be there if we weren't deep in rehearsals for Works Ahead.

Curiously, things seem quite quiet next week, which gives me the chance to do an unashamed plug for our own Turn 2012 at Contact, Thurs 3 - Sat 5 May. Seventeen pieces and three very different evenings of dance - and you can see all three days for £20/12 concessions! The line-up is online now and we'll be releasing full schedules early next week.

Elsewhere, you can catch Caustic Widows' Paperwork, at the Unity (3-5 May), or for the poetically inclined, a second chance to see Dominic Berry's Wizard in Nelson, Lancs on Thurs 3 May.  If you happen to be around Lancaster, Live at LICA's The Quiet Volume (Curate the Campus 2012) kicks off on 1 May and runs to 12 May.

I'm off now to gear up for a couple of hectic weeks - first loads of dance and then the industry-focused Getting It Out There symposium at Live at LICA the following week! If the cliché's true, I must be very wicked indeed!



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