WordofWarning: things to see and do...emergency accommodation special.

Forgive this week's WordofWarning being just a touch biased... emergency accommodation (Saturday 1 October, 12-9pm) isn't obsessing my every waking moment at all!  As the first, post-closure attempt to do a greenroom-style event, it is a little terrifying, and we're really hoping lots of people will turn out to support, what we think, is a genuinely really exciting programme.   Participating artists come from all over the UK, including some names familiar from past programmes like Krissi Musiol, Angel Club (north), Wayne Steven Jackson and Chris Fitzsimmons plus, from the wider national picture: GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN, Nicola Canavan and Julieann O'Malley coming to Manchester for the first time.

The full draft schedule is up on the site now! I'll be attempting to tweet updates, pictures and videos all week from the preparations and the event itself so follow me @HazardMcr

I realise that only my world is stopping due to emergency accommodation - and there are definitely other things to see and do.  As a last burst of activity before I go into show-mode, I'll be racing to Mother's Ruin  tonight,  Seven Sites at the Lowry Mall tomorrow  and then (by way of Birmingham... don't ask!),  Pledge, Pitch, Play, Party at the Black Lion tomorrow evening.

Next week - if I had <i>any </i> time free, I would be heading to Leeds for David Hughes's Last Orders on Tuesday and on Thursday, to either, Michael Jenkins's Democratic Parade at the Bluecoat or Invisible Flock's Bring the Happy at Leeds Met Studio Theatre. Maybe fortunately, I'm saved the invidious choice between the two, as I'll inevitably be up to my neck in artists and Asda food orders at that point in time!

Hope to see you all at emergency accommodation