WoWmcr: as the days get darker...

Still reeling a bit from last week's Up the Wall, I'm beginning to think that hibernation or a holiday might be advisable... but those who know me will also know how likely that is...

So, to the week ahead - those who haven't already caught Little Bulb's Operation Greenfield have a final opportunity at the Carriageworks in Leeds tonight (Friday 28th Oct).  On Sunday (30th) Mother's Ruin hold their Fall Ball at Taurus on Canal St, and Action Hero's Frontman makes its first visit to the region at Axis Arts Centre, Crewe.   Then on bonfire night, Platt Chapel plays host to David Hoyle’s Northern Lights featuring Ryan Styles, Zero Symphony & Lowri Evans.

Meanwhile it's a big dance week with two shows by The Featherstonehaughs at the Nuffield (Live at Lica) - Edits and Egon Schiele and a range of interesting work coming to Liverpool as part of Homotopia - including Joseph Mercier's Cruising, Clubbing and Fucking and a Homotopia Dance Triple Bill  both at the Unity, Liverpool.

And, once more, if, like me, you can face straying a bit further afield, Wunderbar Festival takes places all week (31 Oct - 7 Nov) in Newcastle.

As a final word - if anyone knows of an event that they think fits in this mailer and blog please do let me know... I do my best but my telepathy ain't what it once was! I won't necessarily think everything fits, but it's good to know about things, and I realised, too late this week, that there were a couple of things slipping under everyone's radar!