WoWmcr... live from Chester Castle...

Ok, so I'm fibbing - this is coming to you in a rare moment of internet and computer access from the comfort of my flat - strangely 12th Century towers don't afford great wi-fi!  The weather is certainly not the heatwave we had for emergency accommodation but, so far the elements have restrained themselves, everything is up and running and Up the Wall carries on undaunted whatever! 

Tonight (Friday 21) and tomorrow (Saturday 22), 6.30-9pm (free but booking necessary) - 15 new pieces of work in the extraordinary settings of Chester Castle - possibly your one and only opportunity to see the castle Chester doesn't know it has!  After spending two nights of tech, it's definitely looking exciting - I can't begin to sum it up in words, so please do come and check it out!

Follow me @hazardmcr - I'm trying to keep random snippets of the (more) bizarre end of proceedings!

If you're looking to follow that up with some indoor activity - Axis, Crewe and Contact are playing host to Little Bullb's Operation Greenfield on Tuesday 25th and Thursday 27th respectively. Thursday is a busy day as Axis also has Jean Abreu's Inside and Unity, Liverpool has Invisible Thread (formerly Faulty Optic).

Having bumped into a couple of fellow Mancs at Hatch in Leicester on Sunday, I know I'm not the only one prepared to go the distance - so If, you're game for travelling that bit further, the Wunderbar festival is on in Newcastle all the following week.

And in a final word - for more musings on the extraordinary and the random check out doodlebug's weekly friday morning nugget at 8.30am on All FM radio... doodlebug mixcloud archive

Hope to see you in Chester!