WoWmcr - the week ahead...

Firstly - we now have new domain names: and - either works!

Unbelievably it's that time of the week already, so while I gear up for Up the Wall in Chester next Friday 21 and Saturday 22 October, I wanted to just wish all those participating in Lancaster in Proto-Type Theater's Fortnight, a very enjoyable couple of weeks. Lancaster is insanely busy next week with Franko B's Someone to Love, taking over the Peter Scott Gallery and Company Chameleon and Quarantine in the Nuffield.

Leeds Met Studio is busy too - with Burrows & Fargion, and Invisible Thread (formerly Faulty Optic)

And the very wonderful Michael Pinchbeck's The End comes to Axis Arts Centre, Crewe.

I meanwhile, will, no doubt, be haunting Chester Castle, as some Scooby Doo style dusty curatorial antiquity leaping out on unsuspecting visitors!!  Please don't let that put you off, and book fast for Up the Wall (Free - but reservation necessary - 1200 people have already booked!)