WoWmcr: Turn Prize Premiere and WoW online bookings...

This week's Word of Warning comes to you from a train - I would say hurtling, but more like trundling, on its way to Bristol! I completely overestimated the powers of 3g in aiming to do this en route - so it's anyone's guess at what point I'll actually get to finish and post it!


The week ahead sees Invisible directed by Douglas Rintoul of Complicité fame, at the LBT, Huddersfield on Tues 24th/Weds 25th; and, at the Bluecoat, Liverpool on Sat 28th: Iona Kewney with Joseph Quimby - a sound/movement collaboration in response to the ongoing Gina Czarnecki Exhibition. 


The big plug for the week, however is reserved for 'one of our own' - the premiere of the 2011 Turn Prize: Ballast by Maelstrom Dance at the Nuffield, Live at LICA, Lancaster on Thursday 26th. Maelstrom have been a regular feature of Turn (and the Turn Out tour) - last year bringing greenroom's bar to a standstill with a terrifyingly bawdy intervention!


The Word of Warning programme at Zion Arts Centre now has online booking availability through We Got Tickets (10% booking fee applies) - see below for links.  We are also working on a new site for Word of Warning, so there will be some disruption to the URL as we move it.  Use or in the interim.


RIght - back to trying to squeeze an internet connection out of 3g!







Hot off the Press: Word of Warning @ Zion online bookings:

17 February  Third Angel + mala voadora - What I Heard About the World + Word of Warning launch. 

16 March     Mustdashios + Levantes Dance Theatre - Word of Warning Sampler Series

20 April         Tom Marshman + getinthebackofthevan - Word of Warning Sampler Series 

18 May         Olwen Davies, Levantes Dance Theatre,Ellie Harrison - Word of Warning Sampler Series 


nb - these are VERY new - please contact us if you have problems!





Standing reminders: for more musings on the extraordinary and the random check out doodlebug's weekly friday morning nugget at 8.30am on All FM radio... doodlebug mixcloud archive

For all things independent film check Kino events


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New address:   hÅb/Word of Warning, c/o Zion Arts Centre, 335 Stretford Road, Manchester, M15 5ZA

New telephone:  0161 232 6086

WoWmcr: programme sneak preview...

I'll try to avoid idiot typos this week, but I am slightly blurry following a mad dash to Liverpool for If Only...! last night, by way of Ikea and late-night curtain-making (the joys of a new office)!

In the week ahead check out Happystorm - The Crypt Project at The Lowry on Tues 17 and Weds 18th; and then on Thurs 19th a full evening event at the Nuffield, Live at LICA, Lancaster with Mel Brimfield - This is Performance Art Pt2  Exhibition Launch and New Art Club - Quiet Act of Destruction.

And, while WoWmcr is trying to be focussed on live performance, of course we wat to be supportive of other work that used to be at greenroom, that's now finding new homes around the city - so, for anyone interested in independent film, check out and bookmark upcoming Kino events - the next one being at the Black Lion on Weds 18th.

SAVE THE DATE(S)! - here's a sneak preview of the upcoming Word of Warning programme for your diaries, more events, details and links to follow soon.

17 February Word of Warning launch + Third Angel: What I Heard About The World – Zion

7/8 March Brian Lobel and Stacy Makishi performances and workshops – with Contact

16 March Word of Warning Sampler Series 1: Mustdashios + Levantes Dance Theatre - Zion

20 April Word of Warning Sampler Series 2: Tom Marshman, getinthebackofthevan - Zion

3-5 May Turn - dance platform – Contact

18 May Word of Warning Sampler Series 3: Ellie Harrison, Levantes, Olwen Davies - Zion

31 May/1 June Works Ahead - two nights of works in development - Contact

8 June Word of Warning Sampler Series 4 in conjunction with the Flare weekender - Zion 

All tickets for Zion Arts Centre can be bought over the phone or in person from the Zion box office 0161 232 6089 and we should have online arrangements running next week!  Tickets for Contact can be bought from Contact

WoWmcr: Happy New Year

So it's a new year and a new start for us...

Word of Warning and its 'parent company' hÅb has now moved to a lovely new office at Zion Arts Centre and we're putting the finishing touches to the new Word of Warning programme both at Zion and elsewhere - so there'll be a whole new website here and some print in the near future.

While we sort ourselves out, for those keen to get a headstart on the year here are some heads-ups...

There is a new Word of Warning calendar for events happening within travelling distance of Manchester which you can view here, from the top of the front page and you can subscribe to by scrolling to the +Google calendar button at the bottom of the calendar.  This is a work in progress and we'll keep on updating it as we go.

There are a couple of events coming up in the next week: Seven Sites have an event by Giles Bailey at an 'undisclosed location' on Wednesday 11th, and Liverpool Collective, If Only have an evening of extraordinary encounters around the Bluecoat on Thursday 12th.

And two for your diary:

The premiere of the 2011 Turn Prize, Ballast by Maelstrom Dance, takes place on Thursday 26 Jan at the Nuffield Theatre, Live at LICA, Lancaster.

And finally... the launch of the Word of Warning programme itself takes place on Friday 17 February at Zion Arts Centre, with Third Angel's What I Heard About the World.  


New address:  

 hÅb/Word of Warning, c/o Zion Arts Centre, 335 Stretford Road,  Manchester, M15 5ZA

New telephone:  0161 232 6086



wowmcr - addendum - Orchestra of Fools, Friday 23rd

Feeling a little fragile having exited greenroom for the very last time at 3.30 this morning but if anyone is short of a destination on Friday, try (the legendary) Tosh Ryan-Carter's Orchestra of Fools at the Kings Arms - I'm told it's an experimental music...sort of/party... definitely!

run of the mill it definitely won't be!

Friday 23rd of december at kings arms pub salford
8pm (until 1am) 
only 3 earth-pounds

the orchestra of fools christmas landing:

Orchestra of fools pay homage to Shibusashirazu and play a degree of freeform stuff, around 40 players, a tone deaf choir, and dancers on vitamins will perform We're on the Wrong road BUT we're going in the Wrong Direction a modern passion musical.
11 Bloom StreetM3 6AN Salford, United Kingdom

WoWmcr: festive frolics - bah humbug!

So the festive season is now well and truly upon us and performance programmes are winding down, so, unless something crops up that really needs to be talked about, I think this might be my last intrusion into your inboxes for the year before I retire into my scrooge-like state and leave you to overindulge in a different way.  

Just a reminder that there's still time to catch Coney and CYAC at Contact The Adventure Principle (8-10 Dec)And two events coming that might push some festive performance buttons are Matthew Bellwood and Rachel Dean's Christmas Cabaret (tonight, Friday 9 and tomorrow Sat 10 in Bradford and Leeds resptectively) and of course, Contact is going out with flourish with Mother's Ruin's Yuletide Ding-a-ling next Friday 16 Dec.

Word of Warning will be back in the New Year with a round-up of all the Spring programmes ahead and a whole new programme of its own! 

 I,meanwhile, will be packing my, not inconsiderable, bags (I don't travel light - I've got an office and, now, half a theatre!), bidding a tearful final farewell to greenroom and making a big move to Zion Arts Centre, which will become hÅb and Word of Warning's base from the New Year onwards.  

Hope to see you back here in the New Year, bah humbug and all that!





WoWmcr: last gasp before panto...

It's December already and humbug-time is starting so catch the remains of the autumn season while you can, before the whole world succumbs to tinsel and panto... I could use WoW to do a panto round-up, but maybe you wouldn't appreciate my sense of humour...!

A reminder that Saturday 3 Dec sees Burrows & Fargion's Cheap Lecture & The Cow Piece at the Nuffield Theatre/Live at LICA in Lancaster.  Contact focuses on gaming and play withLarkin' About's take-over also on Sat 3 Dec, followed by Coney and CYAC at Contact The Adventure Principle (8-10 Dec).

For anyone who missed Kraak's utterly bonkers Disco Cave, they've got another event coming up next " target="_blank">Wednesday 7 December, with Manchester Art Group, a workshop leading to a collaborative work hosted by Naomi Kashiwagi from Whitworth Art Gallery.

And for an ironic slant on the festive season, a date for your diaries - Mother's Ruin at Contact on 16 December with Mother's Yuletide Ding-a-ling

To tease you a little bit further about hÅb's (that's me really) plans for Spring, I'm on the move... and watch this space for a monthly Word of Warning performance programme... starting on 17 Feb... so Save the Date!



WoWmcr: Compass, Disco Cave and Larkin' About

Another breathless bulleting before hitting the windy M62 en route to Compass Liveart Festival in Leeds (Fri 25-Sun27) - with evening performances by Reckless Sleepers and Forced Entertainment, late night shenanigans from a host of artists tonight and a range of intriguing free pieces dotted round the city tomorrow it looks well worth the trip.

Next week, things worth checking out are - Kraak's Disco Cave on Wednesday 30th and on Saturday 3 Dec etiher Burrows & Fargion's Cheap Lecture & The Cow Piece or, for a bit of gaming madness, Larkin' About at Contact 

hÅb (that's me for anyone that doesn't know) has a couple of announcements brewing about its future location and programme - and Spring in particular, but I'll save those for the silly season wind-down that it creeping inexorably towards us - and give myself a bit of time to actually be more organised!





WoWmcr...back on the motorway...Compass Live Art festival and more...

Wow (sorry!) this has been a bit of a week of it...I've been out almost every night!

For anyone who hasn't seen it, New Art Club's Big Bag of Boom is still on at the Royal Exchange Studio til Saturday and it's well worth catching. 

Next week to mark the opening of the new Was I There Exhibition, is a double-bill 'performance gig' teaming Action Hero's Frontman,with the Juneau Brothers at the Nuffield Theatre/Live at LICA, Lancaster on Tuesday. And if you missed Forced Entertainment's Void Story this week, you've another chance at the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield on Thursday.  Tom Wainwright's Pedestrian at the Royal Exchange Studio (Thurs-Sat) might also be of interest.

For me, the main event of the week is Compass Live Art in Leeds (Fri 25 - Sun 27th) featuring Reckless Sleepers,
Forced Entertainment
, Oliver Bray with Mark Flisher, 
Jenny Lawson, 
Brian Lobel, 
Simon Persighetti & Katie Etheridge,
Janek Schaefer, 
Grace Surman & Catherine Butterworth
 and Third Angel, alongside a full Symposium programme.

Also on Friday 25th in Goole, as part of Mayhem in the Market, Question Your Teaspoons offers you Mulled Wine + Snowflakes!

For any dancers/dancemakers out there, in a quick moment of self-indulgence, the Call for Proposals for Turn, May 2012, Contact is now out there, deadline 13 January.

WoWmcr... 11.11.11, Forced Entertainment and lots of dance!

Rapid rundown today, as I'm just about to go and check out today's 11.11.11 In Remembrance at Platt Chapel.  If anyone else is planning on going, just because my brain's wired that way, I turned the timetable from their site into a little spreadsheet to figure out when best to go! I take no responsibility for its accuracy (I did it just for my own use) but if it's helpful to anyone else, it's at the bottom of this page!

Quick reminder of tomorrow's events - Future Artist's all day event, now renamed Crowdfunding... and Blank Media Collective's Title Art Prize.

Onto next week... Lots of dance - New Art Club's Big Bag of Boom at the Royal Exchange Studio (Tues 15 - Sat 19th), Company Chameleon's Gameshow at The Lowry (16/17th) and Ben Wright at the Nuffield (Tuesday 15 only).

And the big one of the week is probably Forced Entertainment's Void Story at Contact, (Tues 15 - Thurs 17).

If anyone's still craving an outing, there's also Ellie Harrison's The Reservation a one-on-one at the Queen's Hotel in Leeds on Friday 18th, Three Minute Theatre at Afflecks, including Fighting Fit's Hoodies on Sat 19th (sorry can't find a link!) 

And finally a quick word of advanced warning for the Compass Live Art Festival and Symposium in Leeds next weekend (25-27 November).