Missing greenroom? WordofWarning's first list of NW performance to check out.

With Autumn truly upon us and our first season with no greenroom -  for anyone like me, feeling a bit bereft and in need of some performance...

After a good scour of the websites and brochures, below is a list of all the performance work I think might be worth finding out a bit more about within travelling distance of Manchester (bear in mind that's my idea of travelling distance... I'm a demon driver...!)

I don't vouch for the accuracy, nor do I necessarily know that much about some of the work - but I thought it was worth putting up a big, pre-planning list and you can make up your own minds.

Anything in Manchester or Salford is shaded in yellow.

As I find out more over the coming weeks, I'll post top tips or the things I'm going to on a more regular basis.  To keep in touch, join the mailing list, by mailing wordofwarning@habarts.org

To add suggestions of things to see and do - either add a comment below or wordofwarning@habarts.org

Obviously, my first recommendations will be emergency accommodation and Up the Wall both taking place in October but then again, I'm just a little bit biased - more to come on both of those soon.

For those whose leanings are more poetry, spoken word or comedy, thanks to Conor Aylward for recommending Bright Club at nexus cafe http://www.manchesterbeacon.org/members/172/Bright-Club-Manchester and Magical Animals at Sandbar http://www.sandbaronline.net/ and Matthew Smith for recommending Comedy Playground at Contact on 3 October.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Comedy-Playground/111675232255375

Keep the suggestions coming!!