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So, in this extraordinary, unprecedented week, and having watched the industry shut down in front of my eyes on Monday evening, a signpost to live performance seems more than a little redundant. I thought maybe I could give you my guide to what's on TV - but those of you who know me, know *nobody* wants the rubbish I watch!

Instead, I'll update you on where Word of Warning is at. Sadly we have lost both Jamal Gerald's Idol and Jo Bannon's We Are Fucked (how ironic!). At present, we are clinging onto Tania Camara's Oreo and Works Ahead in the hopes that we can find a way of realising a version of them in some way, possibly digitally. We have an update page where we will post latest information on those and anything else interesting or useful we come across. Our aspiration is to create some new events online over the coming months - but we need to figure what and how! As hÅb, we remain open to advise and support artists however we can within our limited resources.

I was intending to put this Weekly Warning on a break for a while, but the performance community is regrouping rapidly and online momentum is building. I need a bit of time to figure out how to stay abreast of it myself - as it's not just local but national and international, so beyond me to be comprehensive, but I'll try to work it out and be back soon, with a maybe more Sporadic Warning! In the meantime, we'll be tweeting anything that crops up at short notice, so follow us @warnmcr.

In the interim, things to keep an eye on: the National Review of Live Art archive NRLA30 is now online; Live Stream Archive is just getting going; Exeunt Magazine has started a resources page with some interesting events and archive video listed lower down and longer term, the BBC has announced a Culture in Quarantine Festival  For comedy, there's the daily Stay At Home comedy festival, while Mark Thomas's Check Up: Our NHS @70 is downloadable in exchange for a donation to the Trussell Trust. On the international front, Perform Istanbul has a Stay Live At Home event on Instagram; and there is also The Social Distancing Festival from Canada.
Closer to home Krissi Musiol is doing a domestic intervention daily on Instagram and finally, an actual date for your diary, on Sun 29 Mar when Live Art Club London is going online.

Keep well and not too stir-crazy, and hope to see you in the virtual world. 



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Thu 23 + Fri 24 Apr. Details TBC
Tania Camara

Thu 21 + Fri 22 May. Details TBC
A double bill
 from Will Dickie + Ross McCaffrey

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