warnmcr: autumn daze...

So, in typically contrary fashion, just as we head back into our crumbling institutions, the long, dank summer has given way to a short, ferocious autumn... nevertheless, even before the student influx things are waking up a touch in performance world:

Over the next week, Contact is busy with Human Rights Tattoo tomorrow, Sat 9 Sep; then don't miss our friends Malandra Jacks' Census (13-16 Sep) (a hÅb/Contact co-commission).

In Liverpool, Top Joe's Autumn Mass is at the Everyman on Fri 15 Sep; while in Leeds Excessive Human Collective's Discopia is at CLAY on Sat 16 Sep; and in Sheffield, Theatre Deli has Raina Greifer's Manic on Fri 15 and Phil Green's A Good Neet Aht on Sat 16 Sep.

The following week (w/c 18 Sep) sees Liminal at Manchester School of Theatre, Rhum + Clay at HOME and Hidden Track at The Lowry. Elsewhere Bobak Champion is in Lancaster and ADHD The Musical in Liverpool.

And finally have a look at Emergency 23 (Sat 30 Sep, Contact) for the full artist list.
Keep checking our News + Information page for more pointers to opportunities and show videos online, and @WarnMcr on Twitter for short-notice performances.



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Sat 30 Sep, Noon-10pm. PWYD | Contact

Emergency 23

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Afternoon, Noon-4pm.
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