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Welcome back to what I should possibly now call the Monthly Moaning. We've had a few distracting real-world delocation issues to contend with the past few weeks but I'm attempting to peek my head back over the parapet. The absurdly coined 'freedom day' may have been postponed, but there is still a bit of life out there...

The Royal Exchange is back up and running with Bloody Elle (til 17 Jul) and HOMEGROUND is ongoing  - look out for TransVegas Live on Sat 10 Jul and David Hoyle's Rebellion on Fri 23 Jul. For families, there's Hulme is Where The Art Is tomorow Sat 26 Jun, featuring dance from Company Chameleon

Of course MIF (1-18 July) is about to kick off - for obvious reasons there's limited theatrical live performance: Boris Charmatz's Sea Change would be my top pick (returns only); keep an eye out for The Walk (18 Jul) when details are released; there's Notes on Grief at Manchester Central (5-17 July) or for families at Great Northern Warehouse, there's The Global Playground (2-18 Jul). Of the installation/exhibtion work Arcadia at The Factory has some slots in the wee small hours of Sun 11 Jul; Laure Prouvost's The Long Waited, Weighted Gathering at Manchester Jewish Museum (2-18 Jul) caught my eye; Poet Slash Artist at HOME (2-18 Jul).

Contact Young Company, High Rise Theatre + Level Up's Saturnalia takes to ProjektsMcr skatepark (8-10 July) and The Lowry Uncut - CAT showcase is on Sun 11 Jul. Waterside Sale's Refract 21 is 22-31 Jul including some indoor comedy + theatre and outdoor performance from Kapow Dance, Gravity + Levity, Kate Flatt Projects + Hawk Dance. Fabiola Santana's A Home for Grief soundwalk runs from Contact 29-31 Jul while Thick Skin Theatre have 2 soundwalks: Keep Going Then Vanish (from Cross Street) and Monuments (from Cutting Room Square) available til October.

While us Mancs aren't supposed to be travelling... in Lancaster French Mottershead's Waterborne runs til this Sunday (27 Jun) and Fabiola Santana A Home for Grief soundwalk runs from Sat 26 Jun.
In Liverpool, Capstone Theatre has The Disappearing of Vincent Gambini on Sat 3 Jul + Fabiola Santana's A Home for Grief soundwalk runs from Unity 13-17 Jul. AND Festival also has a series of real world experiences on Merseyside from now until 11 Jul.
In Leeds, Yorkshire Dance has a series of Climate Encounters performances 2+3 Jul and Compass Festival is ongoing with work in July from Joshua Sofaer, Etheridge + Persighetti and Amy Sharrocks.

Focus has definitely shifted back towards the physical world, but there's still plenty of digital content out there.
HOME's HOMEMAKERS programme has plenty - look out particularly for Michael Pinchbeck's Cyclical on Sat 3 Jul (bookable 15 min slots.
There's also the full MIF Online Programme and Caitlin Gleeson's One Foot In Front Of The Other.
And the ongoing online AND Festival (27 May -11 July).

As ever, have a look at Word of Warning's YouTube channel for previous events and Domesticated our home for online video. Keep checking our News + Information page for more pointers to opportunities and show videos online, and @WarnMcr on Twitter for short-notice performances. Also keep your eye on Manchester Independents - 22 new supported works and a host of other new independent work, emerging between now and October.



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