warnmcr: back to reality pt2...

September finds me a little confused...  the sun's finally shining but the telltale traces of the student return are screaming Autumn... it's not a Friday, yet I'm sending this... Without an office, I'm wrestling to get to grips with what the outside world now looks like - masks/no masks; distanced/not distanced; digital/in person... but, for the first time, we are edging towards what looks like an Autumn performance 'season' so this mail might start to approximate something like its BC incarnation... hopefully by the end of September it might even manage a more regular pattern!

In the meantime, a few things to look out for:

This week in Preston, The Collective Weekender (9-12 Sep) sees a variety of activity including work by Helena Ascough and Krissi Musiol on Thu 9 Sep. Watch out for the ongoing Cap & Dovetravelling micro arts centre - still to visit Oldham, Stockport, Tameside + Manchester by 2 Oct and including work from Joshua Sofaer, Afreena Islam, Jenny Gaskell, Mark Croasdale, Chanje Kunda, Megan Griffith. Plus Chorlton Arts Festival (11-19 Sep) gets underway.

Things start to pick up in the second half of September. Catching my eye in the w/c 14 Sep, the Duke's in Lancaster has Finding Folk (16 Sep) and 666 Comments (17 Sep); and in the w/c 21 Sep The Lowry has Johnny Cotsen's Louder is not Always Clearerplus more theatrical offerings as HOME's season gets up and running with Rhum + Clay and an Evening of HipHop; and Leeds Playhouse sees the opening of Imitating the Dog's Dracula the Untold Story (25 Sep-9 Nov).

We at Word of Warning, are rebooting the Emergency that lockdown#2 prevented. Taking place at Contact on Sat 25 Sep Emergency 21 is a journey through 11 pieces of durational work. It's free, but please book as we are maintaining socially distanced capacity.

Pace builds as we head for October - in particular keep your eye on Manchester Independents with lots of new work coming up across the artforms; and a quick heads-up for Cassils's Human Measure at HOME on Thu 7 Oct. 

HOME's HOMEMAKERS is still running with new content and there's also still MIF Watch On Demand.
Manchester Independents supported project DreamFM asks you to phone-in your stories of what you dream of (until 19 Sep).
As ever, have a look at Word of Warning's YouTube channel for previous events and Domesticated our home for online video.

Keep checking our News + Information page for more pointers to opportunities and show videos online, and @WarnMcr on Twitter for short-notice performances.

I'll be back in a couple of weeks with a more regularly timed mail, looking at what's to come in October.



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Information for artists: www.habmcr.org

Performance Programme 

Sat 25 Sep, 12noon-4pm entry. Free | Contact
A journey for the curious.
Ayzmar | Helena Ascough | Kellie Colbert & Deborah Newton | Kelvin Atmadibrata | Lydia Cottrell | Maryam Hashemi | Miray Sidhom | Mitzee | Rowena Gander | Sebastian H-W | Simon Carroll-Jones & Wayne Steven Jackson
Participating artists subject to change.

Ongoing to 31 Oct | Various Venues + Online
Spotlighting Greater Manchester artists.

Ongoing to 31 Dec. Free | Online
A home for video performance.
Beth Clayton | Freddie Watkins | Heather Bandenburg | Kellie Colbert & Deborah Newton | Mahboobeh Rajabi | Nicholas Tee | Oliver Ford | Sandra Bouguerch


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