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After last night's smokey, hazy outlook, this morning is crystal clear and beautiful. I've just ventured out for the first time in days, as for the last few weeks, my world has consisted almost entirely of Grantium (for the uninitiated: ACE's funding portal - not a place anyone would choose to live) so I have been very remiss at searching for online performance. What I've also realised is that things are cropping up at such short notice that email is a poor medium - so please do follow @warnmcr on Twitter for rapid info.

Anyway, over the next couple of weeks, there's a flurry of activity right under our noses - so here goes:
Coming to a screen in your living room, tonight, Fri 24 Apr, Contact presents Young Identity's One Mic Stand - online at 7.30pm.

Next Friday 1 May, with some trepidation, Word of Warning and STUN are making our first foray into streaming world - with Tania Camara's Oreo: variations at 7pm (rescheduled from this week). Rather than re-presenting a whole show intended for a live audience, it's a short, live choreographic exploration made for streaming.

Also next weekend (but happily without actual clash), there's GIFT Festival (1-3 May) including Tania El Khoury (one to ones throughout). On Friday they also have Artesbandes with Bertrand Lesca + Nasi Voutsas; and on Saturday: Greg Wohead, Sophie WoolleyGudrun Soley Sigurdardottir and Action Hero. On Sunday there's Luca Rutherford + Greg WoheadJonathan Burrows + Matteo Fargion, with Wendy Houstoun and a chance to catch an Instagram version of Jamal Gerald's Idol (which we sadly lost as a live show). 

Coming up, MIF Live is showing small Festival In My House commissions on Wednesdays; while Richard DeDomenici's Coronavision Song Contest is on Sat 16 May. Keep an eye on Theatre in the Mill's Live Portal; and also live (but I have no idea of style nor content) is Online Fringe Festival and The Social Distancing Festival from Canada.

Meanwhile there's an increasing body of show videos being made available online. The Wooster Groupimitating the dog and Company Chameleon  are releasing a different show weekly, while there's a growing repository at Live Stream Archive; plus NRLA30. Keep checking our News + Information page for more pointers to show videos online.

Enjoy the online offerings and hope to see you (virtually) at Tania Camara's Oreo: variations next Friday.



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