warnmcr: festival frenzy...

So, on the brink of July, with an actual fleeting facsimile of summer, we have moved from festival flurry to full-on frenzy!

This weekend Incoming Festival continues at HOME (until Sun 30 Jun) - with The Pappy Show's Girls catching my eye, tonight Fri 28 Jun; while also tonight, at The Lowry, Mohamed Toukabri's The Upside Down Man also merits investigation.

Next week (w/c 1 Jul) Before the MIF monster becomes all-consuming, spare a thought for Lowri Evans, Renato Bolelli Rebouças & Rodolfo Amorim's Precarious Carnaval along The Bridgewater Canal (5-7 Jul) and Gesturing Refugees at the Bluecoat on Sat 6 Jul (part of Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival).

MIF (4-21 Jul) officially kicks off with Yoko Ono Bells for Peace in Cathedral Gardens on Thu 4 Jul; plus Invisible Cities at Mayfield (2-14 Jul); and CYC & Chim Pom A Drunk Pandemic (5-21 Jul).

The following week (w/c 8 Jul) sees Rimini Protokoll's Utopolis Manchester (10-13 Jul); Philip Glass + Phelim McDermott's The Tao of Glass (11-20 Jul) and the Laurie Anderson's To The Moon (12-20 Jul) both at the Royal Exchange Theatre; plus Trajal Harrell's Maggie The Catat Dancehouse (11-14 Jul).

Paddling against the tide of MIF, Liz Richardson's Swim is at HOME 9-13 Jul; while elsewhere, Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival sees Yara Boustany's ēvolvō + One Day and One Night Beirut at the Unity Theatre on Thu 11 Jul and Dana Dajani's Heroine With A Thousand Dresses at the Bluecoat on Sat 13 Jul. 

Pace yourselves well, as after that you've still got a week of MIF to go (with, notably Claire Cunningham + Animals of Manchester) plus Refract Festival at Waterside Arts also entering the festival fray...


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