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So here we are again... as inevitable as death and taxes, it's time for Emergency to roll into view... and in this, its 23rd iteration, it's now older than some of its artists! From human pin cushions to dancing crisp packets, it's a full afternoon and evening of pay what you decide work taking over the whole of Contact, tomorrow, Sat 30 Sep (noon-10pm). 

Elsewhere, this weekend, you can see Earwig at The Lowry, tonight Fri 29 Sep; while Manchester Independents has Sam + Shirley Jamil's Ward 76 at M6 in Rochdale, also this afternoon Fri 29 Sep plus Leo & Hyde's Ruins of Earth dystopian tour of the city on Sat 30 Sep.
Further afield Lydia Cottrell's Brightside is at Ryde Studio, Leeds (until 30 Sep) and Pepa Duarte's Eating Myself is at the LBT, Huddersfield on Sun 1 Oct.

Next week (w/c 2 Oct) HOME has Peyvand Sadeghian's Dual on Wed 4 + Fri 5 Oct, and Two Destination Language's 40/40 on Sat 7 Oct. Bobak Champion's I'm Mulamic Don't Panik! is at The Lowry on Wed 4 Oct; Princess Arinola's Portrait of A Poet is at The Whiworth on Thu 5 Oct; and The Commission for New and Old Art's The Long 40s is at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation on Fri 6 Oct.
Beyond Mancunia, Wired Aerial's Me Vs Me is at the Pyramid Arts Centre in Warrington on Tue 3 Oct and Daniel Lukehurst's 1,2 Punch is in Leeds on Fri 6 Oct and Invisible Flock's This is a Forest runs 6 Oct - 26 Nov at Moda.

The following week (w/c 9 Oct) Penguin is at HOME, Free Your Mind at Aviva Studios, Ailey 2 at The Lowry. Beyond Mancunia, Two Destination Language are in Lancaster, Ormskirk and Hebden Bridge; and The Lighthouse is in Sheffield.
It's festival-tastic time again with Transform Festival kicking off in Leeds, while for any long-distance livearterati there's Take Me Somewhere in Glasgow and SPILL in Ipswich

Keep checking our News + Information page for more pointers to opportunities and show videos online, and @WarnMcr on Twitter for short-notice performances.

Hope to see lots of you at Emergency!



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Sat 30 Sep, Noon-10pm. PWYD | Contact
Emergency 23
A day out for the curious.
Afternoon, Noon-4pm.
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