warnmcr: oven-ready turkey...

Writing from the boutique luxury of the Art B&B in Blackpool, looking out over a very grey sea, as the 'festive' season looms, cooking analogies are seemingly all the political rage and I'm left wondering whether oven-ready is synonymous with half-baked... In performance world, the season is nearly cooked, before we feel the burn of panto...

This weekend Company Chameleon's The Shadow is at HOME on Fri 22 + Sat 23 Nov. In Leeds, SH!T Theatre's SH!T Actually previews at CLAY on Fri 22 Nov; while Uninvited Guests To Those Born Later is at The Holbeck on Sun 24 Nov; and in Sheffield Levantes Dance Theatre's The Band is at the University on Sat 23 Nov 

Next week (w/c 25 Nov) turns the heat up for a final blast - HOME has Bryony Kimmings's I'm a Phoenix, Bitch (26-30 Nov) and Chanje Kunda Plant Fetish (27-30 Nov). Victoria Firth's How To Be Amazingly Happy is at Waterside, Sale on Fri 29 Nov; and Emergence Premiere is at the New Adelphi Theatre, Salford Uni on Sat 30 Nov. Elsewhere, Company Chameleon's The Shadow is at the Arts Centre at Edgehill Univeristy, on Tue 26 Nov; and Amy Vreeke's The Year My Vagina Tried To Kill Me is at the Holbeck, Leeds on Sun 1 Dec. 

Thereafter there's little escaping the festive and election frolics, but if you are looking for an alternative: CLAY, Leeds has That Matt Rogers Project (in)CREDIBLE on Thu 5 Dec and NEWK(ed) (14-15 Dec). You can still contribute, until 11 Dec, to Gillian Jane Lees & Adam York Gregory's Taking The Time, for a 24 hr performance at the Herbarium in Lancaster on 18-19 Dec.

As far as I'm aware, that's kind of your lot for the year. Tempted as I am to run coverage of the election as a performance piece, I'll spare you that misery, so the Weekly Warning will be taking a break until Fri 10 Jan, when I'll be back with details of the Word of Warning's Spring Programme and PUSH Festival at HOME (18 Jan - 1 Feb).

I'll close with the greeting of the season - don't forget to vote, bah humbug!



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