warnmcr: suspended animation...

On this particularly lacklustre, mid-lockdown morning, my diary is curiously empty - reminding me that we should have been in full production for the 21st Emergency tomorrow. That said, our own form of suspended animation doesn't come close to that of those left hanging, poised to do live xmas shows...

Meanwhile, online tonight, Fri 20 Nov, The Lowry has Victor Esses + Yorgos Petrou's Unfamiliar at Home; while if you fancy an early show, on Sunday TomYumSim's A Suffocating Feeling is on in Melbourne at 10am (GMT)!

Next week, there's a fusion of the live, pre-recorded and discursive:
HOME has Daniel Kitson's Dot.Dot.Dot (24-26 Nov) + David Hoyle's A Grand Auction of My Life (Fri 27 Nov) both live; while Homemakers continues.
In discursive territory, on Wed 25 + Thu 26 Nov, Contact hosts LINK-UP, a series of conversations with Queer Contact artists including Mandla Rae + Mark Croasdale.

From 26 Nov to 4 Dec, Drake Music hosts On The Air - new work from their resident artists including Gareth Cutter's Anxious Mansions.
DaDaFest Translations Festival runs online 27 Nov - 2 Dec with a mix of pre-records and discussions, including new work by Chanje KundaAlexandrina HemsleyNicola Smith and many more.

As ever, I'll be back when I spot something to say, as ever keep checking our News + Information page for more pointers to opportunities and show videos online, and @WarnMcr on Twitter for short-notice performances.



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