warnmcr: tempting fate...

As if, in the current political climate, we needed any more portentous omens, it's another Friday the 13th and this one has a full moon... In the performance world, you could see it as heralidng either full-on party-time, or a complete horror show - depending on your perspective...

Next week (w/c 16 Sep) is full-on! Wed 18 Oct sees the kick-off of both Orbit Festival at HOME and SICK! (18 Sep - 5 Oct).  This week, the former includes the excellent Paul O'Donnell(19+20 Sep) and The Pappy Show (20+21 Sep); the latter includes Candoco with Hetain Patel(18+19 Sep), Ursula Martinez (Wed 18 Sep) and Laurence Clarke (Thu 19 Sep) - all at the Lowry.

Derelict Live presents Zuppa's The Archive of Missing Things at Didsbury Library on Tue 17 Sep; at Harris Museum, Preston on Sat 21 Sep; and at Lancaster Library on Tue 24 Sep. Chris Thorpe's Status is at the Royal Exchange Theatre (19 + 20 Sep) and at The Holbeck, Leeds on Sun 22 Sep.
In Sheffield, Theatre Deli has Dong Trieu Nhuyen's B.A.R.E on Wed 18 Sep and Rosa Postlethwaite's Composed on Thu 19 Sep. In Leeds, on Thu 19 Sep, the newly re-branded CLAY (formerly Live Art Bistro) has Lucy + Addrian Hutson's Bi-Curious George + Other Side Kicks; and Stage@Leeds has the Truth to Power Cafe.

We, at Word of Warning, are all about Emergency on Sat 21 Sep. All Pay What You Decide, you can now read about the 22 daytime at NIAMOS pieces - installation, durational, limited capacity, body-based and short performance; and the 12 more short performances in the evening at STUN + Z-arts. 

The following week (w/c 23 Sep) the festival clash continues with LaJohnJosephYES YES NO NO and SH!T Theatre at HOME; while SICK! moves to Hulme with Lara ThomsDying TogetherWe Need to Talk About Death and Before The End plus Hunt & Darton's Radio Local.The Royal Exchange Theatre also has RashDash, while further afield Two Destination Languageare in Ormskirk; and Josh Coates + Neal Pike are in Sheffield.

I'm off to howl at the Emergency moon!



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Performance Programme
Autumn/Winter 2019

Sat 21 Sep, 12noon-10pm. PWYD | Hulme
A day out for the curious.
Daytime: 12noon-4.30pm | NIAMOS
Alex Bradley, Bill Duffy, Charlotte McShane, Emergency Chorus, Gillian Knox, Holly Spillar, Jade Williams, Janet Charlesworth, Kellie Colbert, Kelvin Atmadibrata, Kris Canavan, Maya Chowdhry, Peter Jacobs, Pierce Starre, rahtattoo, Ross Graham, Shkiesha, Tamar + Jo, Thomas Mayer, TomYumSim + Will Dickie.
Evening: 5pm-10pm | STUN Studio + Z-arts
Adam John Roberts, Anna West + Louise Cross, Callum Berridge, Helen Sulis Bowie, Jazmine Webb, Katy Dye + Craig Manson, Lara Buffard + Gur Arie Piepskovitz, Rebekka Platt, Ross McCaffrey, Shahireh Sharif, Tania Camara, The Strange Names Collective + Vendetta Vain.

Wed 2 Oct, 8pm. PWYD | The Lowry
Lauren Hendry, directed by Jenna Watt

Wed 23 Oct, 7.30pm (doors 7pm). £5/10/15 | NIAMOS
Ron Athey

Wed 6 Nov, 8pm. PWYD | The Lowry
Tom Cassani

(PWYD indicates you Pay What You Decide)

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