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So, after the irony of the sunniest April on record, May seems to have reverted to Mancunian murk, and I've reverted to hanging around in my natural dark habitat! I'm writing from the middle of a very curious production process - organising a show around PPE and social distancing brings a whole new layer of challenge to the joys of show-week.

Anyway, we'll see what tonight (Fri 1 May) brings in this unpredictable medium, when we go live for Tania Camara's Oreo: variations at 7pm on FacebookTwitter + YouTube. This isn't the developed show we had planned to present at STUN this Spring, it's an exploration of one action-based section developed over 4 days, following Tania's residency in Senegal with Kaolack, a Czech based choreographer specialising in Traditional + Afro-Contemporary dance practices. See here for trailer.

Also, a reminder that from today Fri 1 May,  GIFT Festival goes online (1-3 May) including Tania El Khoury (one to ones throughout) and Artesbandes with Bertrand Lesca + Nasi Voutsastonight; (Fri 1 May); while tomorrow (Sat 2 May) sees Greg Wohead, Sophie WoolleyGudrun Soley Sigurdardottir and Action Hero. On Sunday there's Luca Rutherford + Greg WoheadJonathan Burrows + Matteo Fargion, with Wendy Houstoun and a chance to catch an Instagram version of  Jamal Gerald's Idol.

Unity Theatre's calendar of upcoming online events is also worth checking out especially over this weekend (1-3 May). 
Forced Entertainment's End Meeting For All  (via their partners' websites) has two parts remaining: on Tue 5 + Tue 12 May and you can catch up on Part 1 here.

Between ACE deadlines and show-week, I've had no time to dig around into what else is coming up so keep an eye on @warnmcr on Twitter for rapid info.

As a reminder coming up, MIF Live is showing small Festival In My House commissions on Wednesdays; while Richard DeDomenici's Coronavision Song Contest is on Sat 16 May. Keep an eye on Theatre in the Mill's Live Portal; and also live (but I have no idea of style nor content) is Online Fringe Festival (till 3 May) and The Social Distancing Festival from Canada.

Meanwhile there's an increasing body of show videos being made available online. The Wooster Groupimitating the dog and Company Chameleon  are releasing a different show weekly, while there's a growing repository at Live Stream Archive; plus NRLA30 and recommendations via Ben Kulvichit’s Quarantine performance blog post. Keep checking our News + Information page for more pointers to show videos online.

Hope you can make a moment in your hectic calendars to join us for Tania Camara's Oreo: variations tonight, Fri 7pm (and if you look carefully you might spot my ghostly cameo in it!) 



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Performance Programme Spring 2020

Fri 1 May, 7pm | Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.
Tania Camara

Thu 21 + Fri 22 May. Details TBC.
A double bill
 from Will Dickie + Ross McCaffrey

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