warnmcr: we've got each other...

From my total solitude at the start of this second week of 'lockdown', I'm musing on the irony of this subject line. Time has become a bit of a relative concept and while the generic message seems to be that people have way too much of it, I seem to have less and less and am constantly running to catch up! So I thought I'd break with Weekly Warning tradition to hastily extemporise and flag a few imminent things that have popped up on my radar.

Tomorrow, Wed 1 April at 7.45pm Paul O'Donnell's We've Got Each Other is coming live from his parents' living room. It's a lovely piece in a theatre and I'm really intrigued to see how it converts (if you're bored his The Pauls videos are fun too - 4 yrs ago in his videos).
Next week, Proud & Loud Arts are presenting Janet Charlesworth's Article 19 UNCRPD as a series of daily time-limited YouTube screenings on 
Mon 6 Apr @ 12noonTue 7 Apr @ 7pmWed 8 Apr @ 1pmThu 9 Apr @ 3pmFri 10 Apr @ 8pm
Meanwhile Company Chamelon are also doing daily #IsolationImprov; while at Fuel, Hofesh Schechter's Everyday Moments podcast runs until 1 Jul.

For an intriguing international perspective - Barcelona based Konic Thtr are doing their weekly 'performative meeting' on Thu 2 Apr 2.30-5pm which could be an interesting insight into the Spanish + Catalan situation; while the Dutch STRP Festival 2020 is happening online (2-5 April).

I've realised the enormity of trying to get to grips with what's going on online - it's not the 80+ websites in the North that I regularly trawl - it's an unlimited number worldwide - so I'm really just going to have to pass on interesting things as/whenI come across them! They also tend to crop up at very short notice - so @warnmcr on Twitter will be how we communicate those. Thanks in the meantime to Cat Shaw for researching much of what we've got to date.

I'll be back when I've got something useful to say - in the interim, keep an eye on: 
Live Stream Archive;
Krissi Musiol's Maternal Matters† daily domestic intervention on Instagram;
Exeunt Magazine - see listings in the middle of the page;
Perform Istanbul's #StayLive on Instagram; 
The Social Distancing Festival from Canada;
For comedy, there's the daily Stay At Home comedy festival + show downloads through GoFasterStripe.

Future things to look out for:
UnitedWeStream - coming imminently, probably mainly music;
GIFT Festival 2020 (1-3 May)
Richard DeDomenici's Coronavision Song Contest (Sat 16 May);
Homespun Festival (Jun 2020);
Live Collision 2020;
BBC's Culture in Quarantine Festival;
HOME's Homemaker commissions;

Keep well and distanced and remember We've Got Each Other



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