WoWmcr: Compass, Disco Cave and Larkin' About

Another breathless bulleting before hitting the windy M62 en route to Compass Liveart Festival in Leeds (Fri 25-Sun27) - with evening performances by Reckless Sleepers and Forced Entertainment, late night shenanigans from a host of artists tonight and a range of intriguing free pieces dotted round the city tomorrow it looks well worth the trip.

Next week, things worth checking out are - Kraak's Disco Cave on Wednesday 30th and on Saturday 3 Dec etiher Burrows & Fargion's Cheap Lecture & The Cow Piece or, for a bit of gaming madness, Larkin' About at Contact 

hÅb (that's me for anyone that doesn't know) has a couple of announcements brewing about its future location and programme - and Spring in particular, but I'll save those for the silly season wind-down that it creeping inexorably towards us - and give myself a bit of time to actually be more organised!