WoWmcr... 11.11.11, Forced Entertainment and lots of dance!

Rapid rundown today, as I'm just about to go and check out today's 11.11.11 In Remembrance at Platt Chapel.  If anyone else is planning on going, just because my brain's wired that way, I turned the timetable from their site into a little spreadsheet to figure out when best to go! I take no responsibility for its accuracy (I did it just for my own use) but if it's helpful to anyone else, it's at the bottom of this page!

Quick reminder of tomorrow's events - Future Artist's all day event, now renamed Crowdfunding... and Blank Media Collective's Title Art Prize.

Onto next week... Lots of dance - New Art Club's Big Bag of Boom at the Royal Exchange Studio (Tues 15 - Sat 19th), Company Chameleon's Gameshow at The Lowry (16/17th) and Ben Wright at the Nuffield (Tuesday 15 only).

And the big one of the week is probably Forced Entertainment's Void Story at Contact, (Tues 15 - Thurs 17).

If anyone's still craving an outing, there's also Ellie Harrison's The Reservation a one-on-one at the Queen's Hotel in Leeds on Friday 18th, Three Minute Theatre at Afflecks, including Fighting Fit's Hoodies on Sat 19th (sorry can't find a link!) 

And finally a quick word of advanced warning for the Compass Live Art Festival and Symposium in Leeds next weekend (25-27 November).