wowmcr - addendum - Orchestra of Fools, Friday 23rd

Feeling a little fragile having exited greenroom for the very last time at 3.30 this morning but if anyone is short of a destination on Friday, try (the legendary) Tosh Ryan-Carter's Orchestra of Fools at the Kings Arms - I'm told it's an experimental music...sort of/party... definitely!

run of the mill it definitely won't be!

Friday 23rd of december at kings arms pub salford
8pm (until 1am) 
only 3 earth-pounds

the orchestra of fools christmas landing:

Orchestra of fools pay homage to Shibusashirazu and play a degree of freeform stuff, around 40 players, a tone deaf choir, and dancers on vitamins will perform We're on the Wrong road BUT we're going in the Wrong Direction a modern passion musical.
11 Bloom StreetM3 6AN Salford, United Kingdom