WoWmcr: festive frolics - bah humbug!

So the festive season is now well and truly upon us and performance programmes are winding down, so, unless something crops up that really needs to be talked about, I think this might be my last intrusion into your inboxes for the year before I retire into my scrooge-like state and leave you to overindulge in a different way.  

Just a reminder that there's still time to catch Coney and CYAC at Contact The Adventure Principle (8-10 Dec)And two events coming that might push some festive performance buttons are Matthew Bellwood and Rachel Dean's Christmas Cabaret (tonight, Friday 9 and tomorrow Sat 10 in Bradford and Leeds resptectively) and of course, Contact is going out with flourish with Mother's Ruin's Yuletide Ding-a-ling next Friday 16 Dec.

Word of Warning will be back in the New Year with a round-up of all the Spring programmes ahead and a whole new programme of its own! 

 I,meanwhile, will be packing my, not inconsiderable, bags (I don't travel light - I've got an office and, now, half a theatre!), bidding a tearful final farewell to greenroom and making a big move to Zion Arts Centre, which will become hÅb and Word of Warning's base from the New Year onwards.  

Hope to see you back here in the New Year, bah humbug and all that!