WoWmcr: last gasp before panto...

It's December already and humbug-time is starting so catch the remains of the autumn season while you can, before the whole world succumbs to tinsel and panto... I could use WoW to do a panto round-up, but maybe you wouldn't appreciate my sense of humour...!

A reminder that Saturday 3 Dec sees Burrows & Fargion's Cheap Lecture & The Cow Piece at the Nuffield Theatre/Live at LICA in Lancaster.  Contact focuses on gaming and play withLarkin' About's take-over also on Sat 3 Dec, followed by Coney and CYAC at Contact The Adventure Principle (8-10 Dec).

For anyone who missed Kraak's utterly bonkers Disco Cave, they've got another event coming up next " target="_blank">Wednesday 7 December, with Manchester Art Group, a workshop leading to a collaborative work hosted by Naomi Kashiwagi from Whitworth Art Gallery.

And for an ironic slant on the festive season, a date for your diaries - Mother's Ruin at Contact on 16 December with Mother's Yuletide Ding-a-ling

To tease you a little bit further about hÅb's (that's me really) plans for Spring, I'm on the move... and watch this space for a monthly Word of Warning performance programme... starting on 17 Feb... so Save the Date!