WoWmcr: programme sneak preview...

I'll try to avoid idiot typos this week, but I am slightly blurry following a mad dash to Liverpool for If Only...! last night, by way of Ikea and late-night curtain-making (the joys of a new office)!

In the week ahead check out Happystorm - The Crypt Project at The Lowry on Tues 17 and Weds 18th; and then on Thurs 19th a full evening event at the Nuffield, Live at LICA, Lancaster with Mel Brimfield - This is Performance Art Pt2  Exhibition Launch and New Art Club - Quiet Act of Destruction.

And, while WoWmcr is trying to be focussed on live performance, of course we wat to be supportive of other work that used to be at greenroom, that's now finding new homes around the city - so, for anyone interested in independent film, check out and bookmark upcoming Kino events - the next one being at the Black Lion on Weds 18th.

SAVE THE DATE(S)! - here's a sneak preview of the upcoming Word of Warning programme for your diaries, more events, details and links to follow soon.

17 February Word of Warning launch + Third Angel: What I Heard About The World – Zion

7/8 March Brian Lobel and Stacy Makishi performances and workshops – with Contact

16 March Word of Warning Sampler Series 1: Mustdashios + Levantes Dance Theatre - Zion

20 April Word of Warning Sampler Series 2: Tom Marshman, getinthebackofthevan - Zion

3-5 May Turn - dance platform – Contact

18 May Word of Warning Sampler Series 3: Ellie Harrison, Levantes, Olwen Davies - Zion

31 May/1 June Works Ahead - two nights of works in development - Contact

8 June Word of Warning Sampler Series 4 in conjunction with the Flare weekender - Zion 

All tickets for Zion Arts Centre can be bought over the phone or in person from the Zion box office 0161 232 6089 and we should have online arrangements running next week!  Tickets for Contact can be bought from Contact