WoWmcr: Turn Prize Premiere and WoW online bookings...

This week's Word of Warning comes to you from a train - I would say hurtling, but more like trundling, on its way to Bristol! I completely overestimated the powers of 3g in aiming to do this en route - so it's anyone's guess at what point I'll actually get to finish and post it!


The week ahead sees Invisible directed by Douglas Rintoul of Complicité fame, at the LBT, Huddersfield on Tues 24th/Weds 25th; and, at the Bluecoat, Liverpool on Sat 28th: Iona Kewney with Joseph Quimby - a sound/movement collaboration in response to the ongoing Gina Czarnecki Exhibition. 


The big plug for the week, however is reserved for 'one of our own' - the premiere of the 2011 Turn Prize: Ballast by Maelstrom Dance at the Nuffield, Live at LICA, Lancaster on Thursday 26th. Maelstrom have been a regular feature of Turn (and the Turn Out tour) - last year bringing greenroom's bar to a standstill with a terrifyingly bawdy intervention!


The Word of Warning programme at Zion Arts Centre now has online booking availability through We Got Tickets (10% booking fee applies) - see below for links.  We are also working on a new site for Word of Warning, so there will be some disruption to the URL as we move it.  Use or in the interim.


RIght - back to trying to squeeze an internet connection out of 3g!







Hot off the Press: Word of Warning @ Zion online bookings:

17 February  Third Angel + mala voadora - What I Heard About the World + Word of Warning launch. 

16 March     Mustdashios + Levantes Dance Theatre - Word of Warning Sampler Series

20 April         Tom Marshman + getinthebackofthevan - Word of Warning Sampler Series 

18 May         Olwen Davies, Levantes Dance Theatre,Ellie Harrison - Word of Warning Sampler Series 


nb - these are VERY new - please contact us if you have problems!





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